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Welcome to the chef-rundeck wiki!

Example Usage

chef-rundeck -c ~/knife.rb

CLI Arguments:

Usage: /usr/bin/chef-rundeck (options)
    -a, --api-url API_URL            The base URL of the Chef REST API
    -t, --timeout CACHE_TIMEOUT      Sets the response timeout in seconds for the query data.
    -k, --key-file KEYFILE           The client.pem to sign requests
    -c, --config CONFIG              The Chef configuration file to use, default /etc/chef/client.rb
    -e, --env ENV                    Sets the environment for chef-rundeck to execute under. Use 'development' for more logging.
    -o, --host HOST                  Listen on HOST (default: localhost)
        --partial-search TRUE/FALSE  Enables partial searching, Chef 11 or greater.
    -P, --pidfile FILE               Prefix for our PID file, default: /var/run/chef-rundeck- ('PORT.pid' will be added)
    -p, --port PORT                  The port to run on, default 9980
    -f PROJECT_CONFIG,               JSON project configuration file, default /etc/chef/rundeck.json
    -u, --username USERNAME          The Username for Rundeck to SSH as
    -w, --web-ui-url WEB_UI_URL      The base URL of the Chef Web UI