The master node framework for monitoring.
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The master server framework for monitoring. Click the screenshot to see it running on production. ScreenShot

##Install Instructions :

  1. Clone the watch-master repository on your master node.
  2. Install the python modules described in requirements.txt
  3. Install rabbitmq-server on the master node.
  4. Run the django server :
cd watchmaster/
python runserver
  1. Run the celery beat and celery worker:
celery worker --app=watchmaster -l info --logfile="/tmp/worker.log"
celery -A watchmaster beat

##To Add A Slave Server :

  • Set up Slave as per : Slave Repo
  • Run the python shell prompt:
python shell
from slaves.models import slave
slave_new = slave( slave_hostname=<hostname>, slave_ip=<ip>, slave_location=<location>)