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macFUSE allows you to extend macOS via third party file systems.

About macFUSE

The macFUSE software package provides multiple APIs for developing file systems for macOS 10.9 to macOS 14.

You can use the provided APIs to develop numerous types of file systems, whose content can come from a local disk, from across the network, from memory, or any other source. One of these APIs is a superset of the FUSE API, that originated on Linux.

Due to the fact that FUSE file systems are regular applications (as opposed to kernel extensions), you have just as much flexibility and choice in programming tools, debuggers, and libraries as you have if you were developing standard macOS applications.

For more information visit the macFUSE website .


Please see LICENSE.txt.

Source Code

The source code of the last full open source release can be found in the support/osxfuse-3 branch of this repository.