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Releases: osxfuse/osxfuse

macFUSE 4.6.0

02 Jan 00:39
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  • Add support for extended access modes. When the FUSE_CAP_ACCESS_EXTENDED capability bit is set, the following more granular access modes are passed to the access() callback in addition to the standard R_OK, W_OK and X_OK modes.

    _READ_OK        read file data / read directory
    _WRITE_OK       write file data / add file to directory
    _EXECUTE_OK     execute file / search in directory
    _DELETE_OK      delete file / delete directory
    _APPEND_OK      append to file / add subdirectory to directory
    _RMFILE_OK      remove file from directory
    _RATTR_OK       read basic attributes
    _WATTR_OK       write basic attributes
    _REXT_OK        read extended attributes
    _WEXT_OK        write extended attributes
    _RPERM_OK       read permissions
    _WPERM_OK       write permissions
    _CHOWN_OK       change ownership
  • Add fair_locking mount option. By default, macFUSE uses an unfair locking mechanism to ensure file system consistency. This can lead to issues when the file system is processing an extreme amount of operations in parallel. In this case, some file system operations might be delayed too long for real-time tasks. The fair_locking option ensures that file system operations are processed fairly. Fair locking comes a little performance overhead compared to unfair locking, but it might be the better option when dealing with high pressure situations.

  • Address kernel panic on macOS 14 when a macFUSE volume is shared over SMB. For details see #982.

macFUSE 4.5.0

07 Jun 11:22
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  • Add support for macOS 14

  • Add support for Xcode 15

  • Add Getting Started link to "Completion" installer phase. The document contains detailed instructions on how to enable macFUSE on newer versions of macOS.

macFUSE 4.4.3

17 Apr 09:09
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  • Work around unavailable VFS plugin. Starting with macOS 12, some users have been reporting that the VFS plugin is not available when they are trying to mount a volume, although the kernel extension is loaded. Starting with this release, the kernel extension loader works around this issue by trying to reload the kernel extension, in case the VFS plugin is not available.

macFUSE 4.4.2

18 Feb 01:38
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  • Work around installer issue on macOS 13. macOS 13.2 seems to be unable to open the installer package soft link in the root of the distribution disk image. Using a hard link instead of a soft link resolves this issue. For details see #932.

  • Use macOS 13.1 SDK instead of macOS 12.3 SDK to build macFUSE.

macFUSE 4.4.1

19 Aug 01:53
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  • Fix issue that can render macFUSE volume unresponsive. In case a paging operation is triggered during a file system operation, macFUSE tries to acquire the node lock a second time which leads to a deadlock. The bug was introduced in version 4.3.1.

macFUSE 4.4.0

18 Jun 01:07
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  • Add experimental support for macOS 13

  • Add experimental support for Xcode 14

macFUSE 4.3.1

04 May 00:45
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macFUSE 4.3.1 Pre-release
  • Fix issue that can trigger a kernel panic when unmounting a volume with read/write node locking enabled. With read/write node locking disabled (default), the kernel extension does not panic.

macFUSE 4.3.0

25 Apr 00:24
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macFUSE 4.3.0 Pre-release
  • Improve performance by adding support for read/write node locking. File systems should declare this capability, if they are thread safe with respect to file system operations involving the same node. Otherwise, file system operations (involving the same node) are processed serially. See Declaring File System Capabilities for details.

  • Fix minor memory leak in kernel extension

  • Work around pointers being censored in kernel logs. By default, macOS removes all kernel memory addresses from logs. Unfortunately, this complicates debugging threading and locking issues.

  • Remove obsolete conditionals M_OSXFUSE_ENABLE_INTERIM_FSNODE_LOCK and M_OSXFUSE_ENABLE_BIG_LOCK from the kernel extension and clean up code

  • Update build scripts for Xcode 13

macFUSE 4.2.5

07 Apr 23:23
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  • Fix race condition that can trigger a kernel panic in rare cases when using fuse_lowlevel_notify_inval_inode(), fuse_invalidate_path() or [GMUserFileSystem invalidateItemAtPath:error:]. See #878 for details.

  • Update build tools to use notarytool instead of altool for notarizing releases.

  • Use macOS 12.3 SDK to instead of macOS 12.1 SDK to build macFUSE.

macFUSE 4.2.4

20 Dec 16:39
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  • Improve support for macOS 12. Starting with macOS 12, the process diskimagesiod needs to be able to access disk images in order for them to be mounted. Allow diskimagesiod to access the volume even if the allow_other mount option has not been specified.

  • Use macOS 12.1 SDK instead of macOS 11.3 SDK to build macFUSE.