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macFUSE 4.6.0

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@bfleischer bfleischer released this 02 Jan 00:39
· 1 commit to releases since this release
  • Add support for extended access modes. When the FUSE_CAP_ACCESS_EXTENDED capability bit is set, the following more granular access modes are passed to the access() callback in addition to the standard R_OK, W_OK and X_OK modes.

    _READ_OK        read file data / read directory
    _WRITE_OK       write file data / add file to directory
    _EXECUTE_OK     execute file / search in directory
    _DELETE_OK      delete file / delete directory
    _APPEND_OK      append to file / add subdirectory to directory
    _RMFILE_OK      remove file from directory
    _RATTR_OK       read basic attributes
    _WATTR_OK       write basic attributes
    _REXT_OK        read extended attributes
    _WEXT_OK        write extended attributes
    _RPERM_OK       read permissions
    _WPERM_OK       write permissions
    _CHOWN_OK       change ownership
  • Add fair_locking mount option. By default, macFUSE uses an unfair locking mechanism to ensure file system consistency. This can lead to issues when the file system is processing an extreme amount of operations in parallel. In this case, some file system operations might be delayed too long for real-time tasks. The fair_locking option ensures that file system operations are processed fairly. Fair locking comes a little performance overhead compared to unfair locking, but it might be the better option when dealing with high pressure situations.

  • Address kernel panic on macOS 14 when a macFUSE volume is shared over SMB. For details see #982.