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SFZero Linux vst.

Added opcodes for increased compatibility with some drum and piano and orchestral etc sfz libraries.

Sforzando extensions are not handled and sforzando based sfz files are probably not going to be compatible.

Added Round Robin seq_length and seq_position opcodes and Random hirand and lorand and Modwheel gain_ccx loccx hiccx and Channel selection lochan hichan opcodes and Sample Trigger on_loccx on_hiccx opcodes.

seq_length seq_position hirand and lorand, useful for randomizing and varying orchestral and drum samples etc.

gain_ccx, useful for orchestral and drum etc crescendos and diminuendos using MIDI CC.

loccx hiccx, useful for sample selection using MIDI CC.

on_loccx on_hiccx, useful for sample triggering using MIDI CC.

lochan hichan useful for selecting and isolating MIDI channels.