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Run IBM® App Connect Enterprise in a container.

This repo is designed to provide information about how to build a simple ACE container and how to extend it with extra capability as per the requirements of your use case.

If you would like to use pre-built containers please refer to Pre-Built Containers

If your looking for information on the previous images that were documented in this repo, please refer to the previous releases. The previous images are designed only for use with the App Connect operator. They are not designed for use in your own non operator led deployment.

Building a container image

Important: Only ACE version or greater is supported.

Before building the image you must obtain a copy of the relavent build of ACE and make it available on a HTTP endpoint.

When using an insecure http endpoint, build the image using a command such as:

docker build -t ace --build-arg DOWNLOAD_URL=${DOWNLOAD_URL}  --file ./Dockerfile .

If you want to connect to a secure endpoint build the image using a command such as: i.e.

docker build -t ace --build-arg USERNAME=<Username> --build-arg PASSWORD=<Password> --build-arg DOWNLOAD_URL=${DOWNLOAD_URL}  --file ./Dockerfile .

NOTE: If no DOWNLOAD_URL is provided the build will use a copy of the App Connect Enterprise developer edition as referenced in the Dockerfile

Running the image

To run the image use a command such as

docker run -d -p 7600:7600 -p 7800:7800 -e LICENSE=accept ace:latest

Extending the image

To add extra artifacts into the container such as server.conf.yaml overrides, bars files etc please refer to the sample on adding files in Samples

Pre-Built Containers

Pre-built production images can be found on IBM Container Registry at - Building a sample IBM App Connect Enterprise image using Docker

Fixing security vulnerabilities in the base software

If you find there are vulnerabilities in the base redhat software there are two options to fix this

  • Apply the fix yourself using a sample docker file to install all available updates - Samples/updateBase
  • Pick up the latest version of the image which will include all fixes at the point it was built.

Fixing issues with ACE

If you find a problem with ACE software, raise a PMR to obtain a fix. Once the fix is provided this can be applied to any existing image using a Samples dockerfile


All information provided in this repo as supported as-is.