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This software' algolithm is only a part of original algorithm. So this is very poor accuracy.

This is Corona: Positioning Adjacent Device with Asymmetric Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI Distributions's clone.

I don't implement original algorithm, but while not the same as the original , it becomes sufficient accuracy to test.

How to use

  • Launch server
  • Write your server adress to corona-clone-master/corona-clone-master/ViewController.swift
  • Change bundle identifer.
  • Build corona-clone-master and install iPad.
  • Build corona-clone-slave and install iPhone.
  • Training positions.
  • Start analyze


  • Tap 'Training'
  • Tap training point on screen.
    • Blue circe is training point.
  • But your phone to the side of the point
  • Tap training start button
  • When blue circle change to green, training complete.
  • Training few point.
  • Tap end training button
  • Tap analyze button
  • Put your phone to any point
  • The application show your phone position by orange circe

Setup server