A C implementation of the Shen programming language
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Shen-C is a C port of the Shen programming language.

Shen is a portable functional programming language developed by Mark Tarver that offers

  • Pattern matching
  • Lambda calculus consistency
  • Macros for defining domain specific languages
  • Optional lazy evaluation
  • Optional static type checking based on Sequent calculus
  • An integrated fully functional Prolog
  • An inbuilt compiler-compiler, Shen-YACC

Shen-C is implemented in C99 currently as an interpreter, mainly tested on macOS using Clang. Should also work with GCC.

The iOS version of Shen-C is available on the App Store, which is a full featured Shen REPL with a customized keyboard for both iPhone and iPad.

Other ports of Shen by the Shen-C author includes

Installation for macOS

  1. Install Boehm GC by Homebrew or from sources
  brew install libgc
  1. Change directory to the project root

  2. Compile Shen-C


A binary file named shen-c will be created under the project_root/bin directory.

Installation for other platforms

Install Boehm GC, and change the Makefile to match the platform.


  1. Run Shen-C REPL by using make command
make repl

or if rlwrap is installed

make rrepl
  1. Run Shen-C REPL directly

Set the SHEN_C_HOME environment variable to the Shen-C project root
If you are using bash for a Unix shell

export SHEN_C_HOME=/home/user/shen-c

and then

alias shen-c='$SHEN_C_HOME/bin/shen-c'

or if rlwrap is installed

alias shen-c='rlwrap $SHEN_C_HOME/bin/shen-c'

and finally

  1. Quit Shen-C REPL

or with an exit status

(exit 1)

Learn Shen



Copyright (c) 2010-2015, Mark Tarver
Shen is released under the BSD License.


Copyright (c) 2017, Tatsuya Tsuda
Shen-C is released under the MIT License.