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Firewall plugin for Infrataster.

Why Infrataster::Plugin::Firewall

We want to test connectivity between a source server and a destination server. But the servers could not respond because of no service provided on the port which we want to test. So, this plugin tests tcp/udp with tcpdump which can get packets on destination servers. Tcpdump can capture packets even if iptables or firewalld drops the packets.


The usage is as same as Infrataster.

require 'infrataster-plugin-firewall'

describe server(:src) do
  describe firewall(server(:dst)) do
    it { be_reachable } #ICMP ping
    it { be_reachable.dest_port(80) } #TCP:80
    it { be_reachable.tcp.dest_port(80) }
    it { be_reachable.tcp.dest_port(22).ack } # judge with both ACK and captured SYN
    it { be_reachable.tcp.dest_port(22).ack(:only) } # judge with only ACK
    it { be_reachable.udp.dest_port(53) }
    it { be_reachable.dest_port('80/tcp') }
    it { be_reachable.dest_port('53/udp') }
    it { be_reachable.tcp.dest_port(80).source_port(30123) }

You can get following result:

$ bundle exec rspec

server 'src'
  via firewall
    should reach to server 'dst'
    should reach to server 'dst' dest_port: 80
    should reach to server 'dst' tcp dest_port: 80
    should reach to server 'dst' tcp dest_port: 22
    should reach to server 'dst' tcp dest_port: 22
    should reach to server 'dst' udp dest_port: 53
    should reach to server 'dst' dest_port: 80/tcp
    should reach to server 'dst' dest_port: 53/udp
    should reach to server 'dst' tcp dest_port: 80 source_port: 30123

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Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'infrataster-plugin-firewall'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install infrataster-plugin-firewall


This plugin uses nc(netcat) and tcpdump. You need to run tcpdump on destination servers with sudo, and nc on source servers.

Release Notes

Release Notes


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