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How to translate:

  • Look first if your language is in the table below.
  • If it is, you can update it if its line isn't bolded
  • Just translate all the files with an higher version number than the current one, then open an issue with translated strings
  • If it's not there, just translate all the files.

If you have a GitHub account, you can either...

If you don't have a GitHub account

  • Send a private message to either Jeremiidesu or Mark9870 on the osu! forums.
  • You also can post the translations on the forum post.

Translation support (outdated, needs recheck)

Language Translators Last updated version
English Jeremiidesu 4.5
French Jeremiidesu 4.5
Italian LLoyd-chan 4.3
Russian Killerbyte 4.0
Indonesian Alv 4.0
Hungarian Zozimoto 4.3
Portuguese (Brasil) nh__, Tark 4.3
Turkish oralekin 4.0
Spanish Yoshitake 4.3
German guro 4.0
Chinese (Simplified) Karma, zheshenmeyouxi 4.0
Polish Zain Sugieres 4.3
Swedish - Kameyo - 4.5
Filipino Mark9870 4.4
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