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Legal Platform for Manga Reading

A curated list of worldwide legal manga reading site.

Site Language Note
Ballon & Chapters English Mostly shoujo/josei mangafrom Sofbank Creative
BookWalker Japanese, English
ComicWalker Japanese Provides content from Kadokawa Publishing
Comic Days Japanese 980JPY per month for every manga magazine from Kodansha, including Shonen Magazine, Dessert, Nakayoshi, Morning, and Afternoon
Comico Japan Web comic. Also provides comics from Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand.
Comico Indonesia Indonesian Localized version of Comico
Comixology English Mostly manga that licensed on NA
Crunchyroll English
Cycomics Japanese Provides content from Cygames Publication
Dengeki Twitter Magazine Japanese
DMM Japanese
eManga English Manga from tezuka Production, Media Factory, and Softbank Creative
eBook Japan Initiative Japanese Provides free-to-read manga, consists of manga from various Japanese publisher
Fakku English R18+, Provides contents from Wanimagazine (Comic Kairakuten, Comic Shitsurakuten, Comic X-Eros)
Gangan Online Japanese
Ichijinsha Japanese Provides content from Ichijinsha's publication such as Yuri-hime Comics, Comic Pool, and Zero Sum Comics
GEN English Original Japanese doujinshi / indie manga
Comic Newtype Japanese Provides contents from Kadokawa's Newtype
Komiflo Japanese R18+, Provides contents from Wanimagazine (Comic Kairakuten, Comic Shitsurakuten, Comic X-Eros)
Line Manga Japanese English Manga from Torico Publishing (?)
Mangabox Japanese, Chinese, English
Mangamon Indonesian Provides contents from Elex Media, M&C Comics, and eBook Japan Initiative
Manga Plus English, Spanish Provides manga under Shounen Jump, Ultra Jump, Tonari no Young Jump, and more. Available in Android and iOS. Available worldwide except Japan, Mainland China, and South Korea.
Manga Reborn Japanese, English Legal Third-party Translation
Piccoma Japanese
Pixiv Comic Japanese Provides content from various magazine (Shonen Sunday, Kitora!, Dengeki Maou, etc.)
Renta! English US only
Sublime Manga English Boys-love only
Shonen Jump+ Japanese
Sukima Japanese
Viz English Manga licensed by Viz Media
Young Ace UP Japanese Free manga from Kadokawa's Young Ace
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