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Completely open and standards-based tools for making modern communication a delightful user and developer experience.

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  1. hark Public

    Converts an audio stream to speech events in the browser

    JavaScript 513 93

  2. otalk-im-client Public archive webrtc capable xmpp client <3

    JavaScript 306 230

  3. getUserMedia Public archive

    Cross-browser getUserMedia shim with a node.js style error-first API

    JavaScript 233 43

  4. A tiny browser module that gives normalizes and simplifies the API for WebRTC peer connections.

    JavaScript 195 59

  5. A browser module for attempting to get access to a MediaStream of a user's screen. With a nice node-like API.

    JavaScript 153 82

  6. restund Public

    Restund. Forked from

    C 124 31


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