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Hi there,

first thank you for the API. My issue is that I created two different keyspaces let say
KeySpace A and KeySpace B
and I defined TableA in KeySpaceA and TableB in KeySpaceB. and in DAO classes
I have an instance of org.easycassandra.persistence.Persistence
EasyCassandraManager.getPersistence(keySpace, IP, port);

But during testing I recognized that somehow TableB has been created in KeySpaceA and and vice versa.

My question is why Easy Cassandra created a new table in another keyspace and how can I force my entity to be persisted in a specific keyspace and not in anther.

I tried with

@Table(name="countrytable", schema="countryspace") but it does not work.

thank you for your time and hesitation


thanks for your feedback.
I am working in this improvement.
I believe the best way is, how you say:

I agree with you.

@otaviojava otaviojava was assigned Mar 29, 2013

Thank you Otavio for your email. It would be great if you could fix this issue, because we use your API in our project. I 'll try with the table annotation and write a comment about the result back to you.

Cheers Saeed


I did some modifications to do that.
Please try to use, but remember that is only the beta version, thereby
we will test more and get more improvement about that.

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