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Select Builder

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The class Select Builder is a really simple way to run complex queries with the interface you can run query with:

Where Clause

  • eq: equal
  • in: clause stating the provided column must be equal
  • lt: lesser
  • lte: lesser than or equal
  • gt: greater
  • gte: greater than or equal
  • between: which value begin inclusive and value end and exclusive.
  • betweenInclusive: which value both are inclusive.
  • betweenExclusive: which value both are exclusive.


  • asc: Ascending ordering
  • desc: Descending ordering


  • withConsistencyLevel: Sets the consistency level for the query
  • withTracing: Enables or not tracing for this query.
  • allowFiltering: Adds an ALLOW FILTERING directive to this statement.
  • limit: Adds a LIMIT clause to this statement.
  • withFetchSize: Sets the query fetch size.
  • withRetryPolicy: Sets the retry policy to use for this query.


  • execute: run the query.
  • executeAsync(asynCalBack): perform query asynchronously with callback an asynchronous with asynCalBack.


To more information:

See: SelectBuilder Interface

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