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After run The Cassandra here

In the Client'mode run the script bellow:

create keyspace javabahia;
use javabahia;
create column family person with
comparator = UTF8Type and
column_metadata =
  {column_name: name, validation_class: UTF8Type, index_type: KEYS}

Download and add in ClassPath of the Project, the Easy-Cassandra's lib:

You will have two choices of Download:

  • Only the Easy-Cassandra's lib
  • The Easy-Cassandra's lib with its dependencies (The Libs of the Thrift)

Sample Applications

  • JAVA SE with NetBeans Here
  • Java SE with Eclilpse Here

Article About:

  • Persist document in Cassandra: here

  • Persisting information with Cassandra in java: Simple example here

If you only want create Family Column without index:

create column family example with
comparator = UTF8Type;
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