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Automotive Message Broker is a vehicle network abstraction system.  It brokers information from the vehicle
to applications.  It provides application with a rich API for accessing vehicle data.

Automotive Message Broker is built using CMake and requires libltdl (libtool), libjson-c, and boost packages.  

About the Git Tree:
master is expected to be unstable and may not even compile.  If you want something more stable, checkout one of the 
release branches (ie, 0.9.0, 0.10, etc)

To build:

cd automotive-message-broker
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

To install:

sudo make install

To run:


ambd can load different plugins.  The config file specifies what plugins to use.  The default config located in
/etc/ambd/config.  You can change this or use your own config to have ambd use your own plugins.  For example:

# copy the config to your own config
cp /etc/ambd/config myconfig

# edit myconfig and specify the path to your plugin:
# change the line: 
"sources" : [ { "path" : "../plugins/" } ],
# to:
"sources" : [ { "path" : "/path/to/" } ],

Now you can run ambd with:

ambd -c /path/to/myconfig

also see ambd -h

Running on multiple machines

AMB can run on multiple machines and share data across a network.  This is primarily done through the websocket
sink and source plugins.  The server machine, the machine with physical access to data, runs the 
websocket sink plugin and the client, the machine elsewhere on the network, runs the websocket source plugin.

There are example configurations in the source called "websocketsink2" and "websocketsource2" that
show how to configure ambd.  These are found in the examples folder.  Other documentation for these plugins can 
be found in the plugins/websocket/README file.

Here's an example on how to run:

cd automotive-message-broker/examples
ambd -c websocketsink2

(in another terminal)
ambd -c websocketsource2

Running with other plugins

To learn about running AMB with other plugins, please see the plugins/*/README.  

Running with the Qt mainloop:

Some source and sink plugins may want to use the Qt-based mainloop to take advantage of Qt features. To enable
the Qt mainloop, run cmake with -Duse_qtcore=On:

cmake .. -Dqtmainloop=On

You will also need to edit your config to enable the Qt-based mainloop:

	"mainloop" : "/usr/lib/automotive-message-broker/",
	"sources" : [...],
	"sinks" : [...]

NOTE: by default the glib mainloop will be used.


Questions or Comments can be emailed to:

Issues can be submitted on our github page:
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