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General guidelines
- Read, understand and apply PEP8 (check with
- Write docstrings
- Use logger instead of print, productivity code should contain
no prints (with very few exceptions)
- Use logger.error and logger.crit only for messages which should
be reported as bug.
- Be always aware of blocking code. Network access should be handled with
twisted's methods, file system access should be done in a thread
Current Caveats
Services and plugins should work independently of their starting order
- Services should not depend on other services in the constructor. They may
depend on other services being instanced (__init__) but not started
(startService) in their startService method.
- Plugins may depend on other Plugins, but not in their constructor
HowTo ...
- get a reference ...
- to the application object / your parent
every service / plugin gets in __init__ root (application) and parent (its parent).
save it into a class variable
- to a service
- to a ircClient plugin
- to a ircServer plugin
- let a service depend on another service to be loaded
add Meta info to the file:
class Meta:
- let a service depend on a python module
just import the module, if the module is missing, the bot logs a WARNING and does not start the service:
i.e WARNING Service xmppClient cannot be loaded because of missing module: No module named wokkel.xmppim
- provide a better error message on missing python modules
import the module with a wrapper around the import error, raise a new ImportError with better description:
import somemodule
except ImportError, e:
raise ImportError(unicode(e)+". Download it from")
now the bot will log the new ImportError
- let a plugin depend on a service/python module/other plugin
use the pluginSupport.depends_on_... methods in __init__. if it fails, the plugin will not be instanced.
def __init__(self, bot):"pysvn", "without pysvn i'm useless")
caveat: if you use depend_on_plugin in init, it only checks if the other plugin will be loaded.
the other plugin is guaranted to be instanced when your plugin gets the .start() callback, but maybe the
other plugin did not yet get the .start() callback.
- translate a plugin
- mark translatable strings with _(...)
- run pygettext . to get a messages.pot
- translate
- put messages.pot in locale/XY/LC_MESSAGES/otfbot.po
- use msgfmt otfbot.po to generate the binary translation file
- make sure your $LANG/$LC_* environment variables are set correctly
- run the bot
- enjoy the translated messages
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