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The Ipe distribution already includes a few Ipelets (such as Insert image and Align) that are essential for using Ipe. Here are other Ipelets that you may wish to install.

  • GraphDrawing can automatically lay out a graph.

  • IpePlots is an ipelet to plot functions and to create parametric plots. It comes with a manual.

  • The Graph Ipelet helps when drawing graphs: you can move vertices (and edges will follow) or shorten edges (such that arrow heads touch vertex disks). (The vertex-moving ability is now already available in Ipe 7.2.5.)

  • Ipelets providing access to many CGAL functions

  • qvoronoi is an Ipelet to compute Voronoi diagrams, Order-2 and Order-3 Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, and Furthest-point Voronoi diagrams.

  • The GML Exporter exports a graph to gml format. This Ipelet handles graphs similar to the Graph Ipelet.

  • Point matching and free space diagram (by Günter Rote)

  • An ipelet for making linear gradients was posted on the mailing list

  • Simplify is an Ipelet to remove points from a path while retaining the shape, for example to get a good approximate drawing of a hand-drawn path; it can also approximate paths by splines.

  • ipe2tikz is an ipelet to export readable TikZ code from Ipe, taking advantage of the symbolic styling mechanisms available in both systems.

  • tangentline is an ipelet to draw tangent line segments between ellipses, arcs, circles and markers.

  • polyfillet is an ipelet to creates circular fillets in polylines or polygons

  • quickstyles is an ipelet that lets you quickly define and select styles using hotkeys

The following ipelets were made at least partially obsolete by new functionality in Ipe 7.2.5:

  • The Decorator Ipelet lets you decorate your objects.

  • The Pagenumbers Ipelet provides some page numbering features that are not covered by the built in page numbering mechanism of Ipe.

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