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New features in Ipe 7


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"The Traveling Salesman Problem under squared Euclidean distances"
(talk given at STACS 2010 by Alexander Wolff)
"Closest pair by divide and conquer"
(lecture by Alexander Wolff; in German)
"Peeling meshed potatoes"
(talk by Maarten Löffler)
"An improved algorithm for the metro-line crossing minimization problem"
(talk given at GD 2009 by Martin Nöllenburg)
"Flow Computations on Imprecise Terrains"
(talk given at EuroCG 2011 by Anne Driemel)
"Colour patterns [...] of rectangular subdivisions"
(talk given at EuroCG 2008 by Herman Haverkort)
"Feedlinks for road networks"
(talk by Maarten Löffler; watch this with Acrobat reader in full-screen mode)
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"Drawing Graphs with Vertices at Specified Points and Crossings at Large Angles"
(Poster presented at GD 2011 by Martin Fink)
"Simultaneous Drawing of Planar Graphs with Right-Angle Crossings and Few Bends"
(Poster presented at GD 2014 by Philipp Kindermann)
"PIGRA - A Tool for Pixelated Graph Representations"
(Poster presented at GD 2014 by Benjamin Niedermann)

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"Flow Computations on Imprecise Terrains"
(T-shirt worn at EuroCG 2011 by Anne Driemel, Herman Haverkort and Rodrigo Silveira)

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