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Note: The ability to move graph vertices has been built into Ipe 7.2.6. It also works for vertices that are text objects or groups.

This ipelet helps when drawing graphs. To install the ipelet, download graph.lua and copy it to ~/.ipe/ipelets/ (or to some other directory for ipelets).


The menu entry "toggle graph mode" turns a new graph editing mode on and off (by default it is on). The graph mode adds the feature that vertices of a graph can be moved such that the incident edges follow automatically. At the moment this only works for vertices represented by marks.

Moving Vertices

Select a mark and press Ctrl+E to edit the position of the vertex. Move the displayed cycle to a new position (changing its radius does not have any effect) and press the space key. The mark moves to the new position and all endpoints of poly-lines and splines incident to the previous position of the mark follow.

There are two different modes. Either, only visible edges or all edges on the current page are changed. The menu entry "toggle move invisible" switches between these two modes (by default only visible edges are changed).

Shortening Edges

Using the "shorten target/source/both" commands you can shorten edges by a specified distance. This is useful if you have directed edges with arrowheads hiding under vertices (or vice versa). Instead of shortening each of them by hand, you can select all of them and run the ipelet (at least if all vertices have the same size).


Ipe Version

I tested the ipelet with versions 7.0.14, 7.1.2, 7.1.5, 7.1.7, and 7.1.8 of Ipe.

Presentation Ipelet

The graph iplet does not work together with the original version of the presentation ipelet. I'm using a modified presentation ipelet.


26 August 2015 the ipelets (graph and presentation) should now also work with Ipe 7.1.7 and Ipe 7.1.8

8 November 2013 new mode that only changes edges that are currently visible; see "Moving Vertices" (previously, all edges on the current page were modified)

7 May 2012 the Presentation Ipelet should now also work with Ipe 7.1.2

29 April 2012 shortening edges should now work with version 7.1.2 of Ipe

26 April 2012 first version of the Graph Ipelet online