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Note: Most of the functionality of this ipelet is built into Ipe 7.2.4 and higher. See the section Presentation stylesheets in the manual. Additional features provided by this ipelet are the possibility to hide page numbers on some pages and to have pages that do not increase the page counter.

This ipelet provides some page numbering features that are not covered by the built in page numbering mechanism. To install the ipelet, download pagenumbers.lua and copy it to ~/.ipe/ipelets/ (or to some other directory for ipelets).


To enable page numbering, add a layer with the name pagenumbers_format to the first page. The text objects in that layer are copied to every page where every occurrence of the placeholder [page] is replaced by the current page number. This is done every time latex runs.

Special Layers

In addition to the layer pagenumbers_format there are other layers with a special meaning.


On this layer the format for the page numbers is specified (see description above). It is not necessary (and usually not desired) that this layer is visible.


This layer contains the page number and is automatically created on every page. To hide the page number on a specific page, just make this layer invisible.


If a page contains this layer, the page count is not increased for this page.


See the file pagenumbers-example.ipe for an example.


08 November 2013 first version of the pagenumbers ipelet online