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Pallet crate for java

This a crate to install and run java via Pallet.

Release Notes

Server Spec

The java crate defines the java function, that takes a settings map and returns a server-spec for installing java.


The java crate uses the following settings:

:vendor one of #{:openjdk :oracle :sun}

:components a set of #{:jdk :jre}

:strategy allows override of the install strategy (:packages, :package-source, :rpm or :debs)

:version specify the java version to install

:packages the packages that are used to install

:package-source a non-default package source for the packages

:rpm takes a map of remote-file options specifying a self-extracting rpm file to install

:debs takes a map of remote-directory options specifying an archive of deb files to install. The archive should have no top level directory.


On the group, or #pallet on freenode irc.


Licensed under EPL

Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Hugo Duncan.