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This is a utility to determine what wells are already loaded into a GeoFrame project and therefor what wells need to be loaded into the project given a file containing well information


One of my customers was having issues with wells being loaded multiple times into the same GeoFrame project and wanted a way to determine which wells had already been loaded and which wells needed to be loaded. This was done in perl because, at the time I started working on it, I felt Perl was the best fit (because of my skill level with it and my customer's knowledge of it). I attempted to rewrite it in Ruby, but could not get the performance needed for performing tens of thousands of Oracle queries.

I'm proud of this because...

  • It's still used [very] frequently and still works quite well
  • I reverse engineered investigated how the [commercial] application talks to its Oracle database, and I was then able to gleen all the information we needed regarding wells in the project
  • Anything that took longer than several (or maybe a few tens) of seconds was not acceptable to me, and on several occasions I was able to change an implementation and cut runtime[s] by an order of magnitude