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Puppet module for the Diamond stats collection daemon
Ruby Puppet
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A Puppet module for managing the installation and configuration of Diamond.



For experimenting you're probably fine just with:

include diamond

This installs diamond but doesn't ship the metrics anywhere, it just runs the archive handler.


This module currently exposes a few configurable options, for example the Graphite host and polling interval. So you can also do:

class { 'diamond':
  graphite_host => '',
  interval      => 10,

Diamond supports a number of different handlers, for the moment this module supports only the Graphite, Librato and Riemann handers. Pull request happily accepted to add others.

With Librato:

class { 'diamond':
  librato_user   => 'bob',
  librato_apikey => 'jim',

With Riemann:

class { 'diamond':
  riemann_host => '',

Note that you can include more than one of these at once.

class { 'diamond':
  librato_user   => 'bob',
  librato_apikey => 'jim',
  riemann_host   => '',
  graphite_host  => '',

Optional requirements

Diamond appears not to have a canonical package repository I could find or a PPA or similar. PyPi has a record but not source or binary packages. So this module can make use of my own personal debian package repository. This is installed with the garethr module if needed. Alernatively host your own package repository.

The Riemann and Librato handlers require some additional Python libraries not currently installed by this module.

package {[
  ensure   => installed,
  provider => pip,
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