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SHELL = /bin/bash
### Type 'make' at the prompt to see a list of available tasks.
# --- Variables used by rules ---
core-files := pollen.rkt \
index.ptree \
util-date.rkt \
pollen-local/polytag.rkt \
pollen-local/common-helpers.rkt \
posts-sourcefiles := $(wildcard posts/*
posts-html := $(patsubst,%.html,$(posts-sourcefiles))
posts-pdf := $(patsubst,%.pdf,$(posts-sourcefiles))
# I want to show off my Pollen source files, so I name them .pollen.html
posts-sourcelistings := $(patsubst,%.pollen.html,$(posts-sourcefiles))
other-sourcefiles :=
other-html := $(patsubst,%.html,$(other-sourcefiles))
other-sourcelistings := $(patsubst,%.pollen.html,$(other-sourcefiles))
# --- Rules ---
all: last_html.rebuild $(posts-html) $(posts-sourcelistings) $(other-html) $(other-sourcelistings) index.html feed.xml topics.html
all: ## Update all web content (not PDFs)
# Certain files affect all HTML output files. If these change, I want to do a complete rebuild
# of all posts. Rendering the whole ptree is somewhat faster than rendering each post separately.
# To ensure Pollen doesn't rely on its cache for these rebuilds, we need to touch pollen.rkt.
# But we save its timestamp first and restore it afterwards; otherwise we'd have the side effect
# of triggering the rule for last_pdf.rebuild also, even if pollen.rkt hadn't actualy been changed.
last_html.rebuild: $(core-files) template.html.p util-template.rkt pollen-local/tags-html.rkt
touch -r pollen.rkt _save_timestamp; \
touch pollen.rkt; \
raco pollen render index.ptree; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no posts/*.html || true; \
touch -r _save_timestamp pollen.rkt; rm _save_timestamp; \
touch last_html.rebuild
# If the above rule was triggered, all the posts-html files will already have been re-rendered.
# (That rule comes before this one in the list of dependencies for "all")
# But if not, any individual files that have been edited will get re-rendered.
$(posts-html): %.html:
raco pollen render -t html $<; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no $@ || true
$(posts-sourcelistings): util/
$(posts-sourcelistings): %.pollen.html:
util/ $< > $@; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no $@ || true
pdfs: ## Update PDF files
pdfs: last_pdf.rebuild $(posts-pdf)
# Similar to HTML, first re-render all the PDFs if necessary...
last_pdf.rebuild: $(core-files) template.pdf.p util-template.rkt pollen-local/tags-pdf.rkt
touch -r pollen.rkt _save_timestamp; \
touch pollen.rkt; \
raco pollen render pdf.ptree; \
touch -r _save_timestamp pollen.rkt; rm _save_timestamp; \
touch last_pdf.rebuild
# ...then, if a complete re-render wasn't necessary, render any individual PDFs that need it.
$(posts-pdf): %.pdf:
raco pollen render -t pdf $<
feed.xml: $(core-files) $(posts-sourcefiles) feed.xml.pp util-template.rkt pollen-local/tags-html.rkt
touch feed.xml.pp; \
raco pollen render feed.xml.pp
index.html: $(core-files) $(posts-sourcefiles)
index.html: index.html.pp util-template.rkt pollen-local/tags-html.rkt
touch index.html.pp; \
raco pollen render index.html; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no index.html || true
$(other-html): %.html:
raco pollen render $@; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no $@ || true
$(other-sourcelistings): util/
$(other-sourcelistings): %.pollen.html:
util/ $< > $@
topics.html: topics.html.pp $(core-fils) $(posts-sourcefiles) pollen-local/tags-html.rkt
touch topics.html.pp; \
raco pollen render topics.html.pp; \
tidy -quiet -modify -indent --wrap 0 --tidy-mark no --drop-empty-elements no topics.html || true
# --- Additional project tasks ---
.PHONY: all pdfs publish spritz zap help
# Doing ‘make publish’ automatically upload everything except the Pollen source
# files to the public web server. The NOTEPAD_SRV is defined as an environment
# variable for security reasons (never put credentials in a script!)
# Make sure yours is of the form ‘’
# See also the docs for ‘raco pollen publish’:
publish: ## Rsync the website to the public web server (does not rebuild site first)
rm -rf posts/pollen-latex-work flatland/pollen-latex-work; \
raco pollen publish; \
rsync -av ~/Desktop/publish/ -e 'ssh -p $(WEB_SRV_PORT)' $(NOTEPAD_SRV) --delete --exclude=projects --exclude=.git --exclude=drafts --exclude=pollen-local --exclude='*.rebuild' --exclude=.DS_Store --exclude=.gitignore --exclude='template*.*' --exclude=makefile --exclude=util --exclude='posts/img/originals'; \
rm -rf ~/Desktop/publish
# ‘make spritz’ just cleans up the pollen-latex-work files and clears the Pollen cache;
# ‘make zap’ deletes all output files as well.
spritz: ## Just cleans up LaTeX working folders and Pollen cache
rm -rf posts/pollen-latex-work pollen-latex-work; \
raco pollen reset
zap: ## Does a spritz and also deletes all HTML and PDF output
rm -rf posts/pollen-latex-work pollen-latex-work; \
rm posts/*.html posts/*.pdf; \
rm feed.xml; \
rm *.html *.pdf; \
raco pollen reset
post: ## Quickly start a new post from template
racket util/newpost.rkt
# Self-documenting makefile (
help: ## Displays this help screen
@grep -E '^[a-zA-Z_-]+:.*?## .*$$' $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | sort | awk 'BEGIN {FS = ":.*?## "}; {printf "\033[36m%-15s\033[0m %s\n", $$1, $$2}'