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#lang racket
(require pollen/decode
pollen/setup ; For current-poly-target
pollen/file ; get-markup-source
pollen/tag ; default-tag-function
(provide string-split
(all-from-out "util-date.rkt" "util-template.rkt" "util-db.rkt")
(all-from-out "pollen-local/tags-pdf.rkt"))
(provide (all-defined-out))
(provide for/s)
(module setup racket/base
(provide (all-defined-out))
(define poly-targets '(html pdf)))
(poly-branch-tag root)
(poly-branch-tag p)
(poly-branch-tag i)
(poly-branch-tag emph)
(poly-branch-tag b)
(poly-branch-tag strong)
(poly-branch-tag strike)
(poly-branch-tag color c)
(poly-branch-tag ol)
(poly-branch-tag ul)
(poly-branch-tag item)
(poly-branch-tag sup)
(poly-branch-tag link url)
(poly-branch-tag blockquote)
(poly-branch-tag newthought)
(poly-branch-tag smallcaps)
(poly-branch-tag inline-math)
(poly-branch-tag center)
(poly-branch-tag section)
(poly-branch-tag subsection)
(poly-branch-tag index-entry entry)
(poly-branch-tag figure src (fullwidth #f) (has-print-version #f))
(poly-branch-tag margin-figure src (has-print-version #f))
(poly-branch-tag image src (has-print-version #f))
(poly-branch-tag margin-note)
(poly-branch-tag numbered-note)
; Note that because of the need to escape backslashes in LaTeX, you
; cannot use any other commands inside a ◊code tag
(poly-branch-tag code)
(poly-branch-tag noun)
(poly-branch-tag blockcode (filename ""))
(poly-branch-tag Latex)
(poly-branch-tag verse (title "") (italic #f))
◊tweet and ◊retweet handle markup for embedded tweets. I use a Python script
to generate the tags in my Pollen markup (
(poly-branch-tag tweet)
(poly-branch-tag retweet)
(poly-branch-tag updatebox date-str)
(poly-branch-tag comment (authorlink ""))
; Our ◊table will support an optional argument specifying the text alignment for
; each column in the table: E.g. "llrc" means two left-aligned columns, a right-
; aligned column, and a center-aligned column (4 columns total).
(poly-branch-tag table (columns #f))
(define (amazon product-id . contents)
(define affiliate-id "thloya-20")
(apply link (format "" product-id affiliate-id) contents))
(define-syntax (for/s stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ thing listofthings result-expr ...)
#'(for/splice ([thing (in-list listofthings)]) result-expr ...)]))