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A simple wrapper around the Flickr JSONP API. No scripts from Flickr are required in advance since they provide a raw JSONP service; it is up to clients how they want to consume it.


Instantiate a client using your Flickr API key:

client = new Flickr.Client('63bb4efae64c3c04510c484dcdaef263');

The client provides convenience methods for calling various feeds, for example:

client.getGroupPhotos('52240328087@N01', function(feed) {
    for (var i = 0, n = feed.length; i < n; i++)

See the Flickr.Client and Flickr.Photo classes for more information.



Instances of the Flickr.Client class have the following methods available. They all have two required arguments: an id value and a callback. They also accept a scope parameter, which allows you to set the value of the this keyword inside the callback.

Wrapped methods

These methods wrap photo objects in Flickr.Photo objects, which have a more convenient API (detailed below).

  • getGroupPhotos calls the callback function with the group's photos.
  • getFavourites calls the callback with the group's favourite photos.

Unwrapped methods

  • groupBrowse calls the callback with a list of photos from the group.
  • groupInfo calls the callback with information about the group.
  • groupDiscuss calls the callback with recent discussion from that group.
  • groupPool is the unwrapped version of getGroupPhotos.
  • photoFavourites is the unwrapped version of getFavourites.


Instances of the Flickr.Photo class have the following methods available. They have no parameters and return strings, except where noted.

  • getTags returns the tags for that photo as an array.
  • getThumbnail returns the location of the photo's thumbnail.
  • getAuthor returns the name of the photo's author.
  • getAuthorId returns the ID of the photo's author.
  • getDateTaken returns the date the photo was taken.
  • getDescription returns a description of the photo.
  • getLink returns the link to the photo page.
  • getPublished returns the date the photo was published.
  • getTitle returns the title of the photo.
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