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Google Maps UI for lat/lng co-ordinate data entry
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LocationPicker is a Google Maps widget to help with entering geographic data into web forms. It provides an address search field to place a marker on the map; the marker can then be dragged to the exact location required, firing events that update form fields with the marker's coordinates.


LocationPicker uses version 2 of the Google Maps API.

Loading the Google Maps library

If loading through Helium, the Google API key must be set:

Helium.GOOGLE_API_KEY = '{your API key}';

Your Helium custom loader file will need to include some code to load the Google Maps library:

 * Loads the `google.load` function, required to load other
 * parts of the Google API. Requires `Helium.GOOGLE_API_KEY`
 * to be set beforehand.
loader(function(cb) {
    var url = '' + Helium.GOOGLE_API_KEY;
    load(url, cb);

 * Loads the Google Maps API. Requires `Helium.GOOGLE_API_KEY`
 * to be set beforehand.
loader(function(cb) { google.load('maps', '2.x', {callback: cb}) })
    .provides('GMap2',  'GClientGeocoder',
              'GEvent', 'GLatLng', 'GMarker')

Otherwise, load the Google Maps library as specified in the Google Maps API V2 documentation.

Using LocationPicker

To use the LocationPicker class you'll need some HTML elements to plug it into.

<form id="dataForm">
        <label for="lat">Latitude</label>
        <input id="lat" name="lat" type="text" value="">

        <label for="lng">Latitude</label>
        <input id="lng" name="lng" type="text" value="">

Instantiate the widget by specifying the dimensions of the map and references to the form fields that should be updated when the marker is moved:

new LocationPicker('after', '#dataForm', {
    width:      600,
    height:     400,
    latField:   '#lat',
    lngField:   '#lng'

The first two arguments specify where to insert the widget in the document; here we insert it after the element selected by #dataForm. The other valid position arguments are before, top and bottom.

API methods

Instances of the LocationPicker class have the following methods available.


Returns the HTML representation of the widget.


Extracts location data from the form fields and updates the marker location.


Updates the form fields with the current marker position.


Returns the Google Maps marker used by the widget.


Places the marker at the correct location and updates the form fields.


Runs a geocoding search using the current address value and moves the marker to the resulting location. If the address parameter is provided, the address field will be set to that value prior to performing the search.


Returns the value of the address field.


Sets the value attribute of the address field to the address argument.

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