Highly accessible, skinnable UI wrapper around YouTube
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YouTube Player

This library provides accessible HTML controls and easy embedding for YouTube videos. It's keyboard-navigable and easy to style and modify.

The accessibility aspects of this project are discussed in more detail on the OTHERTech blog.


Using the YoutubePlayer class is very straightforward. First, create a container to insert the video into; normally this is just an empty div element. Then set the YoutubePlayer.API_KEY to your YouTube API key. Finally, create a new instance of the YoutubePlayer class, passing in the ID of the YouTube video you want to embed, the id attribute of your container, and (if you want to configure the player further) an options object.

<div id="videocontainer"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
    (function() {
        YoutubePlayer.API_KEY = '_your_youtube_api_key_';

        var player = new YoutubePlayer('_video_id_', 'videocontainer', {
            height:      400,
            skipTime:    30,
            volumeSteps: 4

One caveat to all this: the id of your container shouldn't include dashes, as Flash chokes on them. Use underscores instead.


The options object can have three numeric properties:

  • height: the height of the video in pixels (this defaults to the width divided by the default aspect ratio, which is 4:3);
  • skipTime: the number of seconds to seek backwards or forwards when the skip controls are used (the default is 15);
  • volumeSteps: the number of steps in the stepped volume controls (the default is 4).


The YoutubePlayer class depends on JS.Class, Ojay, SWFObject and YAHOO.widget.Slider. A full list of the objects the class depends on is given in the jake.yml file.


If you use Helium, it's just a matter of adding this repository to your Helium system, setting the requisite version numbers for the libraries it depends on, and using the require function as usual:

Helium.use('yui', '2.8.0r4');
Helium.use('ojay', '0.4.2');
Helium.use('swfobject', 'master');
Helium.use('youtube-player', '1.2.1');

require('YoutubePlayer', function() {
      YoutubePlayer.API_KEY = '_api_key_';

      var player = new YoutubePlayer('_video_id_', '_container_');

Using the default style

Since the controls are just simple semantic HTML, they are easy to style however your project requires. However, we also include a default control style, which is minimal and unbranded, in clear neutral tones, making it ideal for using out-of-the-box without the need for customisation.

To use it, just copy the controls.css file out of the test directory, along with the video-controls.png graphics file. If you don't keep them in the same directory, you may have to change the path to the graphic in the CSS.


This library is open source code, released under the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file for details. It was developed by Benedict Eastaugh, James Coglan, Gareth Rake and Hollie Lubbock at the OTHER media.