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PSPi Version 4 Software

https://discord.gg/aR5jzUY Version 4 discussion on Discord

Project Features:

Analog Joystick

Battery Monitor

LCD Backlight Dimming

4.3" LCD, driven by GPIO using custom RGB 565 overlay

Works with Retropie 4.3 and RetroPie 4.4.

Made for Pi Zero and Zero W, compatible with Pi 3 if modification is done

Option 1 - Installation Instructions Using Image

Download the ready-to-use image from Google Drive (image is RetroPie 4.3, 4.4 image coming soon): http://bit.ly/2pF0u2n

Extract the image and use imaging software (such as Win32DiskImager or Etcher) to image your SD card

Option 2 - Manual Offline Installation Instructions

Download repository, extract and copy all subfolders to the BOOT partition of a fresh RetroPie image. You must overwrite the original config.txt

Boot the PSPi with the SD card inserted, with a USB keyboard attached.

After Emulation Station loads, press F4 on the keyboard to exit to the command line.

Type the following command to install everything:

sudo bash /boot/pspi/setup.sh

Only do this next step if the buttons aren't working. It's integrated into the button installation script, so it shouldn't be needed.

type sudo raspi-config

Select Interfacing Options

Select I2C

Select Yes and press enter

To-Do List

To see a list of areas where help is needed, check out https://github.com/othermod/PSPi-1000-Version-4/tree/master/experimental