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Perl/Ruby style regexp notation for Vim
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It is recommended to install the script using Vundle or pathogen.

Quick Start

After installation, just press / or ? as usual. This will map to :M/ command, which is used to perform the PCRE search.

You can call eregex#toggle funtion to toggle the keymapping. For example, add the following line into your .vimrc file:

nnoremap <leader>/ :call eregex#toggle()<CR>

Then you can use / to toggle the eregex.vim.

For replacement, use :%S// (uppercase S) to trigger perl style regexp.

See :help eregex for more information.


To disable the script by default, put this line in your .vimrc file:

let g:eregex_default_enable = 0

To change the search delimiter to something else than the default / and ?, following options can be used:

let g:eregex_forward_delim = '/'
let g:eregex_backward_delim = '?'

To force case sensitive like perl re. Add the following config:

let g:eregex_force_case = 1

Then you will have case sensitive match by default. You can always change it by adding /i modifier.



  • Support ignorecase, smartcase. Add force case sensitive mode.


  • Support for ignorecase


  • Support for the backword search.
  • Support for the count argument.
  • Use function to auto map keys.
  • Support for custom search delimeters.
  • hlsearch works fine.


Author : 安久津
Origin : eregex.vim
Maintainer : othree

See :help eregex-license-to-use for license information.

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