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Flickr Share with Template

Provide template based Flickr share photo function.


Flickr's share with HTML/BBCode function is not update for a long time. Several issues bothers me:

  • Template didn't support XHTML markup
  • Only several size available
  • Only http protocol is provided, but Flickr do support https
  • HTML and BBCode is not enough now
  • And there is no custom template feature

So I build this chrome extension. Use easy to learn mustache template language.

Available Variables

The following variables are available in your template.

Basic information:

  • title
  • desc
  • owner.username
  • url

Photo in different sizes:

  • Square
  • Square75
  • LargeSquare
  • Square150
  • Thumbnail
  • Small
  • Small240
  • Small320
  • Medium
  • Medium500
  • Medium640
  • Medium800
  • Large
  • Large1024
  • Large1600
  • Large2048
  • Original

All above sizes have 5 attributes can use:

  • url
  • source
  • sourceNoProtocol
  • width
  • heigh

sourceNoProtocol is a url link without protocol prefix(relative protocol):


This url format can be use under both http and https protocol.

An example to use Large2048 image:

<img src="{{Large2048.source}}" width="{{Large2048.width}}" height="{{Large2048.height}}" />

All labels above except Original can add a prefix to, which implies the largest image can get until reach the label's size. For example, if an image's original width is 1000px. Then use toLarge2048 will give you Medium800. This feature is designed for default image.

Not all size are available if your image is small. So you can detect is it exists:

<img src="{{Large2048.source}}" width="{{Large2048.width}}" height="{{Large2048.height}}" />

You can write other document not just html. For example, markdown:

![{{title}} by {{owner.username}}, on Flickr]({{Large1024.source}})

Default template is using srcset, the listed code below is with beautiful indent for you to see what's inside easily:

<a data-flickr-embed="true" class="thumbnail" href="{{url}}" title="{{title}} by {{owner.username}}, on Flickr">
  <img src="{{toLarge.sourceNoProtocol}}" width="{{toLarge.width}}" height="{{toLarge.height}}" 
    alt="{{title}}, {{desc}}" 
    srcset="{{toLarge.sourceNoProtocol}} {{toLarge.width}}w
      {{#Large1600}}, {{Large1600.sourceNoProtocol}} {{Large1600.width}}w{{/Large1600}}" />


Mustache is very logic-less, so its hard to have if-else in your template.

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