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JavaScript Parameter Complete

JavaScript Parameter Complete(JSPC) is a completion function for function parameters, such as event names, crypto algorithms, and common locales.

Some functions use strings as parameter, but have pre-defined values. This plugin is for specifying the kind of string value. Currently, JSPC only supports JavaScript and several compile-to-JavaScript languages. Supported functions are from common libraries and web standards. But JSPC is very easy to extend for any other language.


Why is there a JavaScript completion function just for parameter values? Because almost all completion functions can't do this:

  • ternjs is not able to deal with this.
  • Other JS complete function cannot either
  • SyntaxComplete will not allow non keyword characters. And several algorithm name have -.
  • Dictionary might be ok. But it needs some configuration and requires specifying a path to the dictionary file.

Since autocomplpop supports multiple complete function, I started this project. First target is to support event names and crypto algorithm names.

Supported Languages

  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • LiveScript
  • TypeScript


Use Vundle or pathogen.vim is recommended.

For Vundle:

Plugin 'othree/jspc.vim'


No special configuration is required. JSPC will wrap omnifunc, and if the cursor position is inside string quotes and the string is in encrypt or on the function call's argument list, It will use JSPC to grab the completion suggestion. Otherwise it will use original omnifunc.


JSPC will only trigger while the cursor position is inside string literal. Which means inside or after ' or ". Then it will figure out if this string is an argument of function call, ex:


The cursor is just after ', and JSPC knows it's inside a function call. The function is addEventListener. Then JSPC can find the possible values for addEventListener. Every material needs to be in the same line to make it happen. JSPC will not look up on previous line. So.


This kind of coding style will not work for JSPC. JSPC also supports function calls without (. Like CoffeeScript and Ruby:

node.addEventListener 'click'

Options Object

JSPC has experimental support for options object:

fetch('url', {
  method: "P_"

In this example, you will got POST, PUT, PATCH as complete candidates. String key also supports:

  "method": "P"

Current implementation will lookup candidate on every object. Not only options object as function parameter. And it only checks attribute key. Not the function/method name.

Supported Functions

JavaScript and similar language:

  • DOM/BOM event for DOM API, jQuery and Backbone
  • HTML element name for DOM API
  • HTTP method for XHR
  • Image type for toBlob and to DataURL from canvas
  • Web Crypto algorithm
  • General locale for Intl(toLocaleString)
  • Media Type(Content-Type) for fetch and XHR
  • fetch response.headers.get
  • PaymentResponse.complete


Structure of JSPC is very easy to extend. To extend JSPC supporting other language. Follow the following steps:

  1. Add after/ftplugin/${filetype}.vim. Just copy from after/ftplugin/javascript.vim.
  2. Write data/${filetype}.yml.
  3. Edit data/ Add filetype to the list.
  4. npm install and execute

Patch to support other language is welcome.