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Simple logic search query matcher. Execute query like:

  • XML and HTML Looking for both keywords XML and HTML.
  • English and (not GB) Looking for English and no GB present.


This is a simple practice to know how to use PEG.js. And my target is to build a logical query can help people filter data. Using common syntax people can easily understand or already known.


import query from 'simple-search-query';

const q = query('XML or HTML or "Foo Bar"');

q('XML/HTML'); // true
q('XSLT'); // false
q('XHTML'); // false, default matcher use word boundary


function query

Default export from simple-search-query.


query(query_string, options)

Return a q function can be used to search by the given query_string.


  • query_string: The logic query string from the user or other input.
  • options: Optional default options object.

function q


q(text, options);


  • text: Text to search.
  • options: Optional options object.

Options Object

  • i: Ignore case, default true.

  • matcher: Matcher function, default matcher function use regexp and word boundary like:

    () => !!(new RegExp(`\\b${query}\\b`)).test(entry)

    There are two more built-in matcher functions:

    has: Not care about word boundary, use indexOf. Since CJK characters do not work well with word boundary. has might be a good choice to search them.
    eqeq: Full match, use ===.

    If you want to assign the default matcher in options, use default.

    It's also possible to send custom matcher function, and the function will receive following arguments in order:

    1. entry: Text to search.

    2. query: The item from parse query string. For example: XML or HTML or "Foo Bar". The matcher function will be called three times with different query argument. One is XML, second is HTML. The last one is Foo Bar.

    3. options: Options object.

    Custom matcher function needs to handle ignore case setting in options object itself. The custom matcher function should return a boolean value, then q function will handle the rest (logic part of the query string).

Query String Syntax

Supports logic:

  • and, & infix
  • or, | infix
  • not, ! prefix

Supports subquery, use () to wrap subexpression.

Supports quoted string, both double and single quoted string.