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Go package for OCR (Optical Character Recognition), by using Tesseract C++ library
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gosseract OCR

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Golang OCR package, by using Tesseract C++ library.

OCR Server

Do you just want OCR server, or see the working example of this package? Yes, there is already-made server application, which is seriously easy to deploy!



package main

import (

func main() {
	client := gosseract.NewClient()
	defer client.Close()
	text, _ := client.Text()
	// Hello, World!


  1. tesseract-ocr, including library and headers
  2. go get -t

Check Dockerfile for more detail of installation, or you can just try by docker run -it --rm otiai10/gosseract.


In case you have tesseract-ocr on your local, you can just hit

% go test .

Otherwise, if you DON'T want to install tesseract-ocr on your local, kick ./test/runtime which is using Docker and Vagrant to test the source code on some runtimes.

% ./test/runtime --driver docker
% ./test/runtime --driver vagrant

Check ./test/runtimes for more information about runtime tests.


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