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A simple OCR API server, seriously easy to be deployed by Docker, on Heroku as well
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Simple OCR server, as a small working sample for gosseract.

Try now here, and deploy your own now.

Deploy to Heroku

# Get the code
% git clone
% cd ocrserver
# Make your app
% heroku login
% heroku create
# Deploy the container
% heroku container:login
% heroku container:push web
# Enjoy it!
% heroku open

cf. heroku cli

Quick Start

Ready-Made Docker Image

% docker run -p 8080:8080 otiai10/ocrserver
# open http://localhost:8080

cf. docker

Development with Docker Image

% docker-compose up
# open http://localhost:8080

cf. docker-compose

Manual Setup

If you have tesseract-ocr and library files on your machine

% go get
% PORT=8080 ocrserver
# open http://localhost:8080

cf. gosseract


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