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Development and Staging Environment

Javascript and CSS is build automaticly in the development environment.

Notice: If the page is in dev mode "(development)" is appended to the page title. The configuration of stage and development environment is done in app/config/bootstrap/action.php

Managing Database Connections

cd app/config/bootstrap cp connections.mock connections.php

Setup user/password/database in the connections.php file

Managing Submodules - Initializing

To initialize submodules after cloning the project: git submodule init git submodule update

This is not needed it the repository is cloned recursively: git clone --recursive git://

Checking status of submodules: git submodule

  • => older verison then in HEAD, please run git submodule update
  • => submodule is missing, please initialize

Managing Submodules - Tracking a Submodule

git submodule update

Managing Submodules - Adding Submodules

A new submodule can first be cloned and then added, the syntax is the same in both cases git submodule add build/mootools-core/

Managing Submodules - Removing Submodule

Please read documentation...

Build - Installing lessc (CSS build dep)

Newer versions of Ubuntu might have nodeJs package

Setup build dep: sudo apt-get install git-core curl build-essential openssl libssl-dev

Download latest nodeJs: wget

Build NodeJs: cd node ./configure make sudo make install

Install npm: curl | sudo sh

Install lessc: npm install less

Build - Javascript


Build - CSS

cd app/libraries/css/bootstrap make