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<p>This document describes the changes made to the ERTS application.</p>
+ <section><title>Known Bugs and Problems</title>
+ <list>
+ <item>
+ <p>Miscellaneous native code in OTP misbehave either due
+ to lengthy execution, or due to not bumping reductions
+ properly. Problems typically occur when passing huge sets
+ of data to a misbehaving BIF. Fixing this has high
+ priority and is being worked on, but there will remain
+ issues like this for some time.</p>
+ <p>In order to alleviate problems with scheduling which
+ might occur when executing misbehaving native code, the
+ command line argument <seealso
+ marker="erl#+sfwi">+sfwi</seealso> has been
+ introduced.</p>
+ <p>By default this feature is disabled and you are
+ advised not to enable it if you do not encounter problems
+ with misbehaving native code.</p>
+ <p>When enabled it has the following impact on the
+ characteristics of the system:</p> <list> <item>Work will
+ always be distributed between schedulers even when
+ executing misbehaving native code.</item> <item>It may
+ cause an increased amount of processes and/or ports
+ bouncing between schedulers which in turn will cause a
+ performance loss.</item> <item>It may cause reduced
+ performance due to reduced or lost work compaction when
+ all schedulers do not execute under full load.</item>
+ <item>An increased contention on run queue locks.</item>
+ </list>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-11164</p>
+ </item>
+ </list>
+ </section>
<section><title>Improvements and New Features</title>
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