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Editor for text-based subtitle files
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Latest commit a9528e4 @otsaloma Don't use id alone for memoization
Should have read the documentation -- ids are reused once the object is
destroyed, which for memoization can cause very random errors. Fixed for
now to use both id and hash, but I don't know if that's enough either.

General Information

Gaupol is an editor for text-based subtitle files. It supports multiple subtitle file formats and provides means of creating subtitles, editing texts and timing subtitles to match video. The user interface is designed with attention to batch processing of multiple documents and convenience of translating.

Gaupol contains aeidon, a separately installable general-purpose Python package for reading, writing and manipulating text-based subtitle files. See the file for details.

Gaupol is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), see the file COPYING for details.


Gaupol requires Python 3.2 or greater, PyGObject 3.6.0 or greater and GTK+ 3.2 or greater. Optional, but strongly recommended dependencies follow.

  • GStreamer 1.0 or greater (at least the core, gst-plugins-base and gst-plugins-good; and for good container and codec support preferrably each of gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-ugly and gst-libav) – required for the integrated video player
  • PyEnchant 1.4.0 or greater – required for spell-checking
  • GtkSpell 3.0.0 or greater – required for inline spell-checking
  • iso-codes – required to translate language and country names
  • Universal Encoding Detector (a.k.a. chardet) – required for character encoding auto-detection
  • MPlayer or VLC – recommended for preview
  • PT Sans Caption and PT Mono fonts – recommended and used by default for integrated video player's subtitle and timecode overlays


To try Gaupol from the source directory without installation, use command python3 bin/gaupol. For installing Gaupol, see the file

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