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Viewer for NFO files
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NFO Viewer

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NFO Viewer is a simple viewer for NFO files, which are "ASCII" art in the CP437 codepage. The advantages of using NFO Viewer instead of a text editor are preset font and encoding settings, automatic window size and clickable hyperlinks.

NFO Viewer is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), see the file COPYING for details.


NFO Viewer requires Python 3.2 or greater, PyGObject 3.0.0 or greater and GTK+ 3.12 or greater. Terminus font is recommended and used by default.

Terminus font is used by default because it renders drawing characters taller than text characters. You can use any other fixed width font that has support for the necessary CP437 drawing characters (e.g. DejaVu Sans Mono), but with them you need to decrease the line-spacing (to a negative value that depends on the font and font size) in order to remove blank space between adjacent lines of drawing characters.


To try NFO Viewer from the source directory without installation, use command bin/nfoview. For installing NFO Viewer, see the file


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