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Releases: otsoft/myaac

MyAAC v0.8.7

31 Aug 17:01
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Hello fellow AAC fans :)

This is mostly bug fixing release, but also adding login.php for newest clients, so you don't need to install it separately by plugin.

Full Changelog:


  • login.php for client 12.x is now part of official repo
  • browsehappy code
  • config use character sample skill (#201, @gpedro)
  • custom words blocked (#190, @gpedro)


  • save php sessions in myaac dir
  • don't count deleted players when creating new character


  • patch vulnerability in change_rank.php (#194, @gesior, @thatmichaelguy)
  • fix guild invite page (#196, @worthdavi)
  • players not showing on highscores page (#195)
  • highscores page bug with high pages
  • $player->getStorage() does not work at all (#169, @gesior)
  • copying sample character when it have items with quotes (#200, @gpedro)
  • IPv6 issue when env is set to dev (#171)
  • admin page changed feet to match body colour (#174, @silic0nalph4)
  • exception being thrown when creating duplicated character name (#191)
  • rules page formatting (#177, @silic0nalph4)
  • account character create if auto_login is enabled
  • undefined variable notice on database_log enabled
  • removed VERSION file

MyAAC v0.8.6

10 Jul 21:44
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This update contains a very important security fix.

I deleted all other releases of 0.8.x series, including downloads counter, so you won't download vulnerable version.

Please download only this release if you want to use latest MyAAC features and want to be on the safe side.


18 Feb 17:34
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  • change guild nick function causing crash on TFS 1.x because of invalid characters being accepted
  • PHP Mailer autoload function on newer PHP
  • gesior signature guild rank loading
  • leaking database password when cannot connect
  • config.last_kills_limit being ignored
  • monster.loot being cutted off cause of too short column (changed to TEXT)


  • nginx-sample.conf


04 May 06:20
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  • support for some old servers, where arrays are used in config.lua
  • an additional text to the install page informing that user can reinstall MyAAC by deleting config.local.php


  • XSS in forum show_thread
  • guilds - "Add new rank" function
  • multiple mail recipients when using admin mailer function
  • Admin Panel - MyAAC logs not shown if servers logs directory doesn't exist (#47)
  • missing prefix for cache get() and delete() functions
  • add fatal error message when myaac tables in database do not exist
  • the mystical defect where "Create Account" button was not highlighted (on the account/manage page)
  • bug where server_config table does not exist (OTHire as an example)
  • database_name in Usage_Statistics
  • forgot to open in install template


  • do not display software version

MyAAC 0.7.10

03 Mar 11:34
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With this update, I'm starting to write changelogs grouped by types.


  • new configurable: smtp_secure
  • robots.txt


  • editing an existing page that had php enabled
  • chrome bug on save (when editing page) ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR
  • showing IP and Port in admin panel (#44, by miqueiaspenha)
  • deleting plugin showing "You don't have rights to delete"
  • some bug with PHPMailer not finding its language file
  • default value
  • saving some really high long ip addresses


  • update config.highscores_ids_hidden on install when there are samples already in database
  • auto add z_polls table on install


  • changed mb_strtolower functions to strtolower()
  • added new function: $hooks->exist($type)

MyAAC 0.7.9

13 Jan 21:05
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  • removed 6mb of trash (some useless things)
  • (fix) TFS 1.x not showing promoted vocations in highscores
  • otserv 0.6.x: fixed some warning (on the characters page) and fatal mysql error (on the mango signature)
  • fixed default stamina on otserv 0.6.x engine (and some others perhaps)
  • install: change permission check to is_writable
  • changed highscores_groups_hidden to 3 (for TFS 1.x)
  • updated background-artwork (tibiacom template) to the latest version, removed other ones

MyAAC 0.7.7

08 Jan 10:51
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  • important fix for servers with promotion column (caused player.vocation to be resetted when saving player, for example: on change name, accept invite to guild, leave guild) (#36)
  • immediately reload config.lua when there's change in config.server_path detected
  • added new forum option: "Enable HTML" (only for moderators)
  • fixed othire default column value (#26)
  • fixed saving custom vocations in admin panel (#36)
  • fixed warning in highscores when vocation doesn't exist
  • fixed characters page - config.characters.frags "Notice: Use of undefined constant"
  • fixed getBoolean function when boolean is passed
  • fixed empty success message on leave guild
  • fixed displaying premium account days
  • function OTS_Account:getPremDays will now return -1 if there's freePremium configurable enabled on the server
  • fixed tr bgcolor in characters view (Frags) (#38)
  • fixed some warning in guild show
  • fixed PHP warning about country not existing on online and characters pages
  • fixed forum bbcode parsing
  • don't add extra <br/> to the TinyMCE news forum posts
  • (internal) using $player->getVocationName() where possible instead of older method

MyAAC 0.7.6

05 Jan 11:03
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  • fixed othire account creating/installation
  • fixed table name players -> players_online
  • fixed unexpected error logging about email fail
  • added max_execution_time to the install finish step
  • some small fix regarding highscores vocation box

MyAAC 0.7.5

03 Jan 23:18
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  • fixed bug on othire with config.account_premium_days
  • fixed bug on TFS 1.x when online_afk is enabled
  • warning about leaving news page with changes
  • added player status to tibiacom top 5 highscores box
  • save detected country on create account in session
  • fixed getPremDays and isPremium functions (newest 11.x engines are bugged when it comes to PACC, its not fault of MyAAC)
  • fix when there are no changelogs or highscores yet
  • small fix regarding getTopPlayers function which was ignoring $limit variable
  • fixed news adding when type != ARTICLE
  • fixed template path finding
  • fixed displaying article_text when it was empty saved

MyAAC 0.7.4

24 Dec 08:53
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  • fixed mysql fatal error on tibiacom template - top 5 box
  • fixed displaying of level percent bar on tibian signature
  • inform user about Twig cache failure on installation, instead of http 500 error
  • when dir system/cache is not writable by the webserver, then show some nice notice to the user about it instead of http 500 error
  • remember client version select and usage stats checkbox in session on install
  • automatically update highscores_ids_hidden for users who installed myaac before (migration)