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Official repo of the MMAX2 annotation tool

NEW Release 1.14.005 (March 21 2021):

Download current version (.jar only) here, or clone the repo to also download docs and sample data.

Previous versions are available in the MMAX2 jar_archive


Upon saving markable files, a time-stamped backup file will be created.
Command-line parameter -no_validation can be passed to skip validation on start-up.
The default line spacing has been increased.
Attribute panel setting 'Warn on extra attributes' is set to 'False' by default.
When loading a .mmax file, the current file (if any) is pre-selected in the file chooser dialog.
Reduced verbosity of console output.
Some bug fixes:
Issue 2 (pointer-relation rendering of discontiuous markables)
Customized line spacing is retained after style-sheet reapplication

NEW (16.11.2020): Added, which accepts as an optional second parameter an alternative common_paths file.

NEW (16.02.2020): MMAX2 has been updated to work with current Java versions. The previous version was based on outdated Xalan and Xerces versions, which have been replaced in this repo.