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Helper to change image filenames from IMG_number to YYYYMMDD_IMG_number in order to allow an easier photo sorting. YYYMMDD itself is extracted from the photograph's EXIF metadata.

Do not forget to do backups of your photos before using this tool!


2003 - the beginnings

The idea for this little tool appeared in 2003, when I did my first students programming courses at university and discovered that my little IXUS camera set the images date to the date the image was taken. After several operating system upgrades this behaviour changed and I needed to find a way to extract the creation date from the images metadata. Therefore I needed to evaluate EXIF data extraction ...

2011 - some time

During my parental leave in 2011 I decided to use this dirty little hack to evaluate the usage of google code as a project tool and to get used to my IntelliJ :-)


The project moved over to GitHub 😄



This tool can be used with Maven3 in two ways:

  • run as a standalone application
$ mvn clean install -Plive-demo
  • run the executable jar
$ mvn clean install
$ java -jar target/fotorenamer-2.0.0-executable.jar


  1. Create a backup of your images.
  2. Start this tool.
  3. Select your image directory.
  4. Hit 'Umbenennen' (Rename) to get your files renamed automatically.
  5. Done :-)


Relates to issue #10

As of now the application can be localized (at the moment only German and English is supported). Use the following parameters to explicitly set language and country or trust your system defaults:

$ mvn -Plive-demo -Duser.language=en

Developer Documentation

The project is built with maven - you can have a look at the current site reports.