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#Welcome to the jeff wiki!

##Jeff is a modular, MVC, light php framework born to ease the programmers in the developement of web site or web application.

Jeff may be installed without problems on apache servers hosted on linux, mac or windows platforms. It auto-detect the operating system and find the right configuration to work with it.

It requires

  • apache >= 2.0 (or other web servers, i.e. nginx) with the mod_headers, mod_expires, mod_rewrite enabled
  • php >= 5.3 with short open tag directive enabled
  • mysql >= 5

Right now Jeff supports multi-language. It comes with string translated in italian and english. It doesn't use gettext or other particular libraries to manage the stuff, but only simple arrays.

Jeff has a modular management of the database connector. The database connection class is constructed using the factory method pattern, and so even if by default Jeff comes with only the MySql support, it may be easily extended to use others DBMS, rewriting the mysql class for the new DBMS and adding few lines in the factory abstract class that manage the db connection object construction.

Jeff comes with many useful features, but my be easily extended to fit your needs. Jeff layout is based over themes management. New themes may be easily created and fit perfectly with the default one, overwriting common properties.

Jeff has many useful functions and classes, the coolest one is the adminTable class, which allow to manage (view, insert, edit and delete records) a database table with 2 code lines.

Jeff likes html5, css3 and javascript. The last is implemented using the awesome js framework mootools.

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