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Hugo k8s Static Site Test

This is an example of a hugo site running in a kubernetes cluster. The site will be always refreshed from the contents in the master branch using Git Syc

Running in Minikube

Create service and pod

$ kubectl create -f k8s/pod.yaml
$ kubectl create -f k8s/service.yaml
$ kubectl create -f k8s/ingress.yaml

View results

The k8s ingress is configured to proxy to the service using port 80. At the same time, the hugo site is configured to use the "" (configurable in the pod file) for navigation.

Get the minikube ip and map it to in your /etc/hosts file

$ minikube ip

on your /etc/hosts


note: you can change the name in the k8s/pod.yaml file

Now go to, you should be able to see the example site