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MQTT Client module for MagicMirror2
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NB! New config!

In order to support multiple instances and multiple servers, the configuration is totally changed! Sorry to not be backwards compatible, but I hope this solves some of the issues I have received.

Please report issues. his is not tested very much.



Module for MagicMirror showing the payload of a message from MQTT.


Go to MagicMirror/modules and write

git clone
npm install


Here is an example configuration with description. Put it in the MagicMirror/config/config.js file:

    module: 'MMM-MQTT',
    position: 'bottom_left',
    header: 'MQTT',
    config: {
        mqttServers: [
                address: 'localhost',  // Server address or IP address
                port: '1883',          // Port number if other than default
                user: 'user',          // Leave out for no user
                password: 'password',  // Leave out for no password
                subscriptions: [
                        topic: 'smoky/1/inside/temperature', // Topic to look for
                        label: 'Temperatur', // Displayed in front of value
                        suffix: '°C',        // Displayed after the value
                        decimals: 1,         // Round numbers to this number of decimals
                        sortOrder: 10,       // Can be used to sort entries in the same table
                        maxAgeSeconds: 60    // Reduce intensity if value is older
                        topic: 'smoky/1/inside/humidity',
                        label: 'Luftfuktighet',
                        suffix: '%',
                        decimals: 0,
                        sortOrder: 20,
                        maxAgeSeconds: 60
                        topic: 'smoky/1/inside/smoke',
                        label: 'Røyk',
                        sortOrder: 30,
                        maxAgeSeconds: 60
                        topic: 'guests',
                        label: 'First guest',
                        jsonpointer: '/people/0/name'

mqttServers is an array, so you can add multiple servers to the same config. You can also use the module multiple places on the mirror/screen.


If the payload contains JSON data, use the jsonpointer configuration to get the value. See JSON Ponter specification or google an easier description.


Pull requests are welcome.


Create a timeout, so values are deleted if they are not refreshed. May be faded out...

Create a treshold so a value is flashing if outside treshold.

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