Mobile phone application that uses your GPS position to find low cost gas stations near you. (Brazil only)
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GasFinder - Find lower cost gas stations near you

1. About:

  GasFinder is a application designed for mobile 
  devices systems, such as Maemo and Android. It 
  uses the device's GPS to get your position to 
  find some near gas stations for you to choose
  the best one or the cheapest one. Unfortunately
  GasFinder's database is just available for 
  Brazil. You could map you country and help us
  grow the project :-)

2. Design:

  2.1 Android:
  On its version 1.0 [2], with a fully Java and 
  Android SDK implementation. Supports Listing, 
  ordering by price (gas, alcohol, gnv and diesel),
  detailed view, call gas station, view on map and
  share with social networks.
  2.2 Maemo:
  GasFinder for Maemo is written in Python, (GTK 
  and Hildon bindings) and Python YQL library.

3. How it works:

  3.1 Back-end:
  There's a data miner which grabs all the information
  about gas station from ANP[1] website. It organizes 
  into a XML file for the YQL query it and return
  another XML to the front-end. This part of the 
  project is Luciano Camilo's responsibility.
  3.2 Front-end:
  The front-end is responsible for gathering the GPS
  position of the device and execute the query to get
  a list of near gas stations. The rest is designing 
  screens and packaging stuff :-)

[1] -
[2] -