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Merge pull request #657 from teganm/Issue1786

Added test case that proves issue 1786 no longer leads to 500 error
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2 parents ffd288c + 47206ef commit 3637c0d1ea4470b755c8df1fe7cd9942a9a49077 @elzj elzj committed Jul 25, 2012
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@@ -254,6 +254,14 @@ Scenario: Listing external works as inspirations
And I should see "Inspired by Worldbuilding Two by BNF"
When I view my related works
Then I should see "From N/A to English"
+ #invalid URL should give a helpful message (issue 1786)
+ When I edit the work "Followup"
+ And I check "parent-options-show"
+ And I fill in "Url" with ""
+ And I fill in "Title" with "Worldbuilding Two"
+ And I fill in "Author" with "BNF"
+ And I press "Preview"
+ Then I should see "Parent work info would not save."
Scenario: External work language

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