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Commits on Aug 11, 2012
  1. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #793 from scottsds/issue_3192

    CristinaRO authored
    Fixed typo causing problem
  2. @scottsds

    Fixed typo causing problem

    scottsds authored
  3. @ambtus

    rdoc update

    ambtus authored
Commits on Aug 9, 2012
  1. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #779 from sarken/issue_3221

    CristinaRO authored
    Issue 3221 adding caution style to wrangling canonical syn warning
  2. @sarken

    Update branch

    sarken authored
  3. @sarken
  4. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #763 from scottsds/issue_3192

    CristinaRO authored
    Issue 3192: Fixing remaining 'Comments' to 'Comment Thread' labels.
  5. @scottsds

    TD to DT

    scottsds authored
  6. @scottsds

    DRY fixes.

    scottsds authored
  7. @CristinaRO
  8. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #780 from ariana-paris/Issue_1888-Wrong_number_of_…

    CristinaRO authored
    Issue 1888 - Changed phrasing of error messages when the incorrect number of prompts are selected.
  9. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #766 from sarken/issue_3202

    CristinaRO authored
    Issue 3202 making tags/show visible to non-wranglers
  10. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #756 from sarken/issue_320

    CristinaRO authored
    Issue 320: Clean up ALL the tables
  11. @CristinaRO

    Merge pull request #788 from openendings/post2896

    CristinaRO authored
    Fixing side effects from issue 2896 resolution
  12. @sarken

    Merge pull request #724 from scottsds/issue_3126

    sarken authored
    Issue 3126: Editing draft allows you to orphan it, sending the work into...
  13. @sarken

    Merge conflicts

    sarken authored
  14. @sarken

    Invite table page tweaks

    sarken authored
  15. @sarken

    Translation string tweaks

    sarken authored
  16. @sarken
  17. @sarken

    Add summary to seedusers table

    sarken authored
  18. @sarken
  19. @sarken
  20. @sarken
  21. @sarken
  22. @sarken
  23. @sarken
  24. @sarken
  25. @sarken
  26. @sarken
  27. @sarken
  28. @sarken
  29. @sarken
  30. @sarken
  31. @sarken
  32. @sarken
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